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Congressman Mike Garcia on another successful race and making sure the 27th Congressional District stays red, we are proud to have you continue to represent the Santa Clarita Valley!


Hello fellow Republicans,

As a parent, businesswoman, and resident I am concerned with what is happening in our city, county, and state along with so many others.

As a parent, I see the rights of my fellow counterparts being taken away and compromised. This change is altering the ability to raise our children with our value systems or controlling the timeliness of difficult discussions. Today many families function as duel income households, working two jobs and missing out on moments with our children. We have to change that.

As a businesswoman, I am concerned about what is being assessed to our local businesses, how that is going to impact the economic infrastructure of our community and workforce. This changes the availability of employment, affordability, and housing for our community members.

As a resident, the dynamics of our community are changing. Today I see our cities worry more and more about safety with the strength and support of our law enforcement altering, housing and daily affordability, a growing homeless population, and the quality of our educational institutions.

Your voice counts, you count, your family counts! Let’s help create change together.

We have an amazing team with passionate people, reach out and join in to help move the needle to ensure we create positive change together.

— Sharlene Duzick – Chairwoman

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