Smyth to ask City Council to help fill funding gap for homeless

SACRAMENTO – Today the governor presented his first budget since elected in November and Senator Scott Wilk issued the following statement:  “The governor promised bold ideas when he was running, and he certainly moved in that direction today. We can all agree that healthcare must be more affordable and accessible, a zip code should not determine the quality of a child’s education, and that we have many unmet social challenges – but how we pay for these expansions while effectively addressing a crumbling infrastructure and volatile tax base remains a challenge. I applaud his attempt to think outside the box and appreciate that many of these proposals are one time investments, but was disappointed to learn the governor has continued to fund the bullet train, rather than use those dollars on more pressing needs.”

Senator Wilk represents the 21st Senate District which includes the Antelope, Santa Clarita and Victor Valleys. Learn more about Scott by visiting his website and be sure to connect with him on social media.